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Here’s what some of our clients are saying:


Learning can be fun and easy, while still being challenging. Remember, it’s not the destination that is most important, it’s the journey…So, enjoy the journey! Focus on the process, not the goal. Music is a lifelong journey, one that pushes the limits of what we think is possible. ENJOY THE JOURNEY!

– Stephanie Swann, Founder of Sing Your Style Studio™



“The tools that I’ve received in my vocal instruction from Stephanie are priceless. I’ve learned that singing is a total body experience and, as a result, my vocal abilities and range have increased tremendously and I’ve become much more confident as an artist. Not only has Stephanie been my voice teacher, but she’s embraced the role of therapist, mentor, encourager, and dream-supporter. I highly recommend Stephanie and Sing Your Style Studio™.”

-Amy Cooper .



“I am truly one of Stephanie’s biggest fans!  I have had the honor of voice training with Stephanie for five years and going. Her unique way of teaching is unmatched and she has truly taken my voice to a level I never thought possible.  Not only is she an incredible teacher but a person that brings light to the souls of everyone she meets. Strarting voice lessons with Stephanie you can be assured that you will feel comfortable and confident.  I recommend her to anyone whether they are just starting to sing or have been singing their entire life.  She will take your voice somewhere you only dreamed of.”

-Amy Robinson



“If I could give more than five stars I would. Stephanie is SUCH an incredible teacher, and has transformed my voice immensely since I’ve begun taking lessons. I highly recommend choosing Stephanie as your teacher.”

– Hannah E.



“I have been taking lessons from Stephanie for 3 years now. Her style and approach to teaching is above all others. I’ve taken lessons from others before but never really made any progress with my voice. Since starting with Steph I can honestly say I have learned and grown so much and and my voice definitely shows. If I could give her 100 stars I would!”

– Jennifer Konerko



“Stephanie at Sing Your Style Studio™ is absolutely the top of the line..It is rare in any business exchange these days to receive 200% effort in your scheduled appointment with them…AND experience rapid results! It truly is the best choice I made to allow Stephanie to guide me to my potential and discover what is possible for me!! And it has only been 8 lessons. i look so forward to my appointment every week because i always get another nugget to aide in my vocal journey. Stephanie has empowered me to gain a deeper belief in myself…my self confidence grows every week. Thank you Stephanie! You are the real deal and a true professional…it is so much fun to train under you. You are a gift to all. Thank you Stephanie!”

– Katonna S.


“I have been taking lessons from SYSS for 11 months now and my voice has completely transformed. I took lessons simply to sing backup vocals and to sketch out song ideas so that my vocalist could have something to work with. By 8 months I had leap frogged my vocalist, now I’m an fourth_testimonialincredibly strong singer. I have a great ear but I never thought I had a pleasing tone to my voice. Now I have my own vocal style, all the presence I could dream of. When I sing, I often become overwhelmed with emotions chills because I’m able to express myself through a voice I never thought I had. I would have given up long ago if not for Stephanie having faith that I would eventually reach a place I would be happy with and for that; there aren’t enough stars on yelp to express my gratitude.”

– Jason C.



“Stephanie is great teacher with a passion for singing and bringing out the best of her students! My 10 year old daughter’s voice has improved greatly in just 4, 1 hour lessons-much louder with far greater range. I can only imagine her potential now that she’s learned speech level singing and microphone performance techniques from Stephanie. I’m so glad that we found Sing Your Style Studio™ and highly recommend to others! Thanks Stephanie!!”

-Paula V.



“Stephenie at Sing Your Style Studio™ has given me tremendous confidence in my singing voice. She also analyzed my weaknesses and taught me some physical and mental techniques to increase my range and relax my stage presence. Her quick study of my voice has netted me instant improvements. I’ll come back for more.”

-Cliff Cordes



“Before training with Stephanie I was searching for a way to sing easy. I found Stephanie and I really found what I was looking for. I worked with Stephanie for eight years, and loved it. She was always prompt and every time we met she carried a great energy about her, she was always excited for my success and completely intune and focused on me and my progress at all times within my lessons. I always appreciated her integrity within her work. She lets nothing slide by her amazing ears, which only benefitted me!! Singing for me became easier and more comfortable. The improvements in my voice happened very quickly. Now, I’m able to sing completely free with a wide range. And now after all the years working together, I feel she’s an extension of my family.”

-Kelsey C.



“Lessons with Stephanie totally ROCK! I’ve had a ton of fun, and I’m sounding great too!!! I love her! I’ve had 9 different voice teachers, by far Steph has been my FAV!”

-Ri S.



“Super great lessons! Having fun and sounding great! Looking forward to the next showcase. Last one was at the Musical Instrument Museum which was the fantastic . The next showcase will be at the Higley Performing Arts Center. The December showcase at Firerock Country Club in Scottsdale. Great way to boost my performing skills and confidence!”

-Kailey S.


“My husband and I attended voice lessons as a couple for several months with Stephanie. My husband had no prior voice training and my prior training was group choir focused. Our voice lessons were our favorite ‘dates.’ Stephanie’s energy and enthusiasm for music is infectious. She was always kind and supportive when working to improve our voices and the techniques were very (fun and functional). Watching my husband grow in confidence and skill from a strained, quiet, limited range to the more powerful, free, and extensive range he wanted would repeatedly drop my jaw! The ONLY reason we stopped lessons was our work was moving us to different states in different time zones- if we move back to Arizona we will definitely be giving her a call!”

-Liz K


“Stephanie Swann is such a wonderful honest voice teacher. Her enthusiasm and teaching techniques have helped me develop my voice beyond anything I could have hoped for. I never knew I would enjoy this so much! Each lesson is custom tailored to fit each student. Everything about my voice has improved greatly since I started working with Stephanie at Sing Your Style Studio™. I have studied through both the Scottsdale and Gilbert Studio locations, when I worked in Scottsdale and lived in Gilbert, and I enjoyed them both equally. Now I study Private online via distance lessons as I live a few hours away from the studio, and so far it worked very well for me.”

-Kathy L


“Before I started studying with Stephanie at Sing Your Style Studio™, I had a myraid of difficulties with my way of singing. My vocal range was severely limited. After my first lesson with Stephanie, I felt improvements in my voice immediately. Now I’m able to use my entire voice with absolutely no strain, and I was enjoying myself the entire time I spent singing. Working with Stephanie was a marvelous investment for me and I would recommend her to anyone no matter their vocal experience. I’m still amazed by how simply she reversed my approach to singing and taught me how to sing easy.”

-Brock S.


“I’ve been with SYSS for almost 3 years and absolutely LOVE it! I study with the lead studio instructor, Stephanie. She’s created a regimented, focused yet totally fun environment for learning to sing! Her expertise and guidance has helped transform my singing far beyond what i hoped and expected. She’s very attentive and her recommendations are SPOT ON! Highly recommended whether your just starting out or an advanced/seasoned professional.”

-Pete S.


“From my very first lesson with Stephanie Swann of Sing your Style Studio™ for the past year , I have been really impressed with her abilities as a first-rate vocal joel_testiinstructor. Not only is she a brilliant teacher, Stephanie excels in her no-nonsense approach style to just “jump right up there and let’s get started!” She does not make you feel nervous at all even if you have never sung before.

With Stephanie’s proven teaching approach and seriously trained ear, she has a real knack to pick out subtle nuances in your singing. She helps you make your strengths shine by tweaking certain word pronunciations or have you perform exercise drills that will dramatically improve your singing voice. She gently guides you through these effective techniques effortlessly, often by approaching them from completely different directions that will both surprise and thrill you.

Previously, I had heard about the head voice, the chest voice, the mixed voice, etc. I never knew exactly what was meant by those terms. Stephanie took the time to explain how all these things work together to develop a great smooth and dynamic voice through all the transitions up the scale. She is such a great teacher, being able to break-down everything into bite-sized pieces that anyone can comprehend. After studying with her for such a short time, I can tell that my head voice is actually getting better. I am finally able to hit some of those high notes I always wanted to quite effortlessly.

I was doing so well with my lessons and began to sing a lot more around the house, then my son approached me and asked if he could take them too. He is 14 and in High School. He looks forward to having his lesson with her each week. He too has developed more confidence and improved his voice dramatically as well.

Stephanie is able to bring everything together and provide us with the most ” bang for your buck ” vocal lessons that have helped both of us tremendously and that are actually fun!

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their voice.”

-Joel V.



“I met Stephanie when I got some voice lessons Christmas. Best gift ever! I am hitting notes in a range I never even thought about after just a few lessons. I can now sing just about any song I like. Thanks Steph!”

-Deb B.



“Stefanie is the most amazing voice instructor. My son has grown so much with his voice, confidence & desire to perform. Stefanie has made his dreams possible. He is on an amazing road.”

-Paula T.



“My daughter Lois Zozobrado, who is now 12, has been taking lessons from Stephanie for about 4 years. I honestly can’t say enough good things about Stephanie, the way she teaches and the quality of lesson she gives. Stephanie is unique. She is one of the most patient people I know. I have never seen her angry or irritated. She is always calm. She finds different ways of approaching something if one way doesn’t work. There have been a couple of times when my daughter has gotten discouraged and Steph takes the time to find out what is wrong and then does her best to help fix the problem. Early on we had an issue with stage fright and Stephanie gave us lots of help and would call with suggestions! She treats all her students, regardless of age or ability with respect. When she is in a lesson she gives her students all her attention. Also, you can have an in person lesson or via Skype. Either way, the quality is top notch! Stephanie is also flexible with lesson times. She does have a lot of students!!!! Over the past four years L.B. has improved tremendously. She used to sound a little nasally and like most singers would “pull” on some songs. Those problems are gone. If done properly, the technique Steph uses allows a singer to sing without pulling. Truly, singing clearer and more beautifully. Every once in a while, SYS holds a “showcase” where singers can show off what they have done. These are NOT boring recitals. These events are usually free and are held in unique, fun venues such as a small elegant theater, at a park (That was so fun! We had a grill out and everything!), and a roller rink! If you want to take voice lessons from a certified Speech Level Instructor who is an amazing teacher and person, do yourself a favor and call Sing your Style Studio™!”

– Jeanne Zozobrado



“Sing Your Style Vocal Studio is one of the best places for voice instruction in the valley. The atmosphere is both laid back and welcoming. I would recommend going here for your voice lessons!”

-Megan Locke



“Stephanie is a sterling example of a voice instructor. Endlessly patient, always upbeat and never afraid to explain  a concept. She is constantly upgrading her skills as an instructor, not only with higher level instructors but contuining education in all its forms. Steph inspires trust and confidence in her students to take their skills as far as they have the desire to go. Always willing to go the extra mile for her students, Steph is an absolute delight to work with. If singing is your PASSION, Stephanie is the one you want in your corner – showing how and cheering you on.”

– Gary Shreffler



“Stephanie has the unique ability to diagnose your voice from a mechanical as well as an acoustic level. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to improve on both fronts and stepping up their game!

-Peter Scatena


“Stephanie takes me to new levels of learning and I feel like I gain new awareness with my voice. I’m grateful to have found a teacher who doesn’t change my style of singing, only adds to my capabilities! “

– Brook Veater


“From my first lesson I sang higher than ever before, with ease, it feels so easy, and I’m sounding good too.”

– Emily Freeman


“I’m a beginner, with Stephanie’s help I found potential I never knew existed, now she has me performing and singing for different things successfully.”

– Hannah Lorsch


“In the past, I have been hesitant regarding vocal instruction, usually due to the often redundant and overwhelming conditioning that seems to come with most methods of teaching. However, Stephanie’s vocal instruction has made me exuberantly grateful. She is truly a gifted teacher, and she makes me feel completely comfortable during our lessons. I only wish that I had met her prior to finishing my latest album!” 

– Jeremy Gratton


“Stephanie laughed out loud when  after singing she heard me say at my second lesson, “I feel like I’ve just been baptized!” I wasn’t joking…with the difference my voice felt and the impact of what I was feeling working with her verses the way things felt in the past. I couldn’t believe the difference. I would have never thought or believed it, had I not felt it myself!! Thank you Stephanie, for giving me my voice to more fully and freely express myself.”

-Gabreal Mohler


“Singing with Stephanie is so much fun!  I cant wait for next week to do this again.  This is exactly what I need!”

Brinley Erickson


“After years of throwing caution tot he wind, when it came to my vocal training, I’ve finally realized that something I was doing or not doing was holding me back from truly being balanced and feeling vocally free.  Instantly Stephanie helped me find out what the problems were and sometimes still are.  With her help we set up a strategy to make my voice flow smoothly, and therefore, it seems every aspect of my music career has flowed in a smoother direction.  I feel great now about my vocal abilities, there are no remaining areas of my voice I feel the need to hide. I found a new confidence within me.”

– Erica Myers


“I felt empowered after my first lesson and continue to feel empowered with each lesson. Stephanie gives you the tools to better understand your voice, and helps you to take your voice and style in the direction that best suits you. I’ve recommended her to many friends and every sing one has come back to thank me.”

– Shelby Wright


“A must try for anyone who’s in a vocal bind…seemingly halted.  This worked for me!  I’ve never been more satisfied with my voice than I am now.  Which has led me to the perfect job, my dream job that I enjoy so much.”

– Brian M.